Google Play Music: A Cheaper and Better Option For Music Lovers

Google Play music which was available in America for quite a few years now have also started their services in UK and some of the other countries. As predicted, this is a large cloud based service with all those who are on Android are those who are going to benefit from it. The biggest advantage which Google is offering over other systems is that it’s hard to ignore that competitive pricing for the operating system.

Google which has also added the All Access for the Play Music and a Spotify like unlimited streaming services for the Google Music will certainly be a much preferred option for the users. Unfortunately, Google Play music app having been only available for US for the time being but soon its going to expand its reach in the UK and some of the other markets in the world.


Google has not very clear about the total size of the catalog but it looks like there are as many as 15 million tracks pre-loaded in the application some of which are free where as some can be purchased. One can download as many track as needed store them locally, but for storing them on cloud there is a limit for 20,000 tracks per user. Just as is the case with Amazon, any tracks which are bought and stored from Google Play do not count for the 20,000 quota. Anything that is in the cloud can be streamed from any where you are.

Google is currently offering a discounted subscription until 30 June for $7.99 and after that you may have to shed $9.99. In this package you would have the access to the unlimited steaming of the music and also that of the custom made radio stations from Google Music.

Considering everything it’s a very compelling offer. Google Play may not be the largest store but having said that you can add your own tracks from anywhere you wish to.


Purchased tracks are of high quality 320 kbps and are in MP3 format, the tracks are probably of the finest quality is compared to its rivals. When you are streaming on mobile, Google music will select the best bit rate which would be selected according to the speed of your connection. It’s possible that in the app settings you can change to bit rate.

Supported Devices

Play Music runs on iOS and Android. It also has its own web music player which has been optimized for mobile browsers. On iOS, all the application elements do not function properly as all the features are not available. The new application is very easy to use and also provides an option for the store tracks for an offline playback.


If Play Music is compared with iTunes which is priced at 99p, Google is a cheaper option at 79p. Similarly the albums available are also two or three quid lesser which is a big advantage that is presents to the users. The streaming is free so is the storage. It all comes down to how much you would want to spend on buying songs. As said earlier Google Play Music will be available for $9.99.